DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen Design Guide

You’re looking around your home and making little mental notes about things you would change if you could. You’re ready to sit down and talk to a designer and discuss your home remodel, but knowing what you want to change and knowing how to change it are two very different things. We’ve put together a short guide to help you find your perfect style.

Transitional Kitchen:

Transitional kitchens are the most popular style of kitchen these days. This style incorporates traditional and contemporary elements offering the best of yesterday and today. Most homeowners are drawn to this style because there really isn’t a right or wrong, there are no real rules to follow. A talented kitchen designer can help you balance design elements to create a cohesive space; incorporating different styles of cabinets and interesting countertop materials such as glass or quartz. Most of us probably find it difficult to lock onto one specific style or theme and that’s where transitional kitchens, when done professionally, have so much appeal and will stay looking beautiful and stylish for a very long time.

Traditional Kitchen:

rubin kitchen design after slide 2Traditional styles are invariably popular. Traditional styles include very timeless and classic elements like molding, natural stone, arches, and other beautiful elements. Cabinetry typically will have a flush inset or framed cabinets and antiqued finishes work great with these styles. Traditional styles can recycle or upcycle things you already own. This is really an elegant style that remains beautiful for a very long time. Traditional styles have more design “rules” than transitional kitchens, however there are a lot of creative combinations that can be used to produce a comfortable and stunning space.

Industrial Kitchen:

kitchen remodelIndustrial styles work best in urban areas like lofts where there are certain existing elements that work well with the style. Industrial is a very fun design style but it’s definitely a commitment. Unlike Traditional and transitional design styles, industrial is a fairly specific style. Industrial styles are inspired by abandoned warehouses, old farmhouses, and turn of the century buildings. In many cases this style works best in spaces that have been repurposed into living spaces. However, by incorporating a few key design elements you can create this look in any home, or space. Since industrial styles are a result of turn of the century modern inventions, by including things like wood or concrete floors, and exposed beams or pipes, you can use your décor to create this look. In terms of materials, distressed woods, antiqued finished fixtures, and quartz countertops all come together to create a fun and interesting space.

Farmhouse Kitchen:

This is a broad style that spans into shabby chic, French country, cottage styles and more. It borrows a lot of elements from traditional kitchens like inset cabinetry and you’ll even find some elements of industrial in it. The idea here is that unlike traditional kitchens, you have more room to explore. Farmhouse is all about creating a homey, cozy feel. You will see open shelving, wide sinks, some rustic elements, and lots of vintage.

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen:

courtois kitchen design after slide 2Mid-Century Modern kitchens borrow their design elements from the 50’s and 60’s. This is perfect for you if you like clean lines, sleek finishes, and a streamlined space. This design is mostly “flat,” but don’t mistake the word flat for boring. You’ll see contrast, geometric shapes, and lots of natural elements like wood, steel, or even concrete. This minimalist style focuses on functionality over décor. This design is perfect for homeowners who don’t like a lot of clutter and can appreciate a simple and clean space.

When it comes to remodeling your home, there are a lot of decisions to make and a lot of things to consider. When you work with a designer, the process of creating a space that is perfect for you is much simpler. Schedule a conversation with one of our talented designers today and discover your favorite style.